Sentient Rights Ireland
Speaking truth to power.


SRI are a group of activists, most of whom come from grassroots, rescue, foster or in some other way helping animals and people too. We like to get out and meet the public, especially in the post covid19 lockdown era.

We have developed our public demos to be peaceful outreach and education events, where we listen and get feedback and also get our message across in a respectful way. We are a party of action.

We see politics as a platform to spread awareness in the general public, the body politic and the media about the plight of animals and urgent need for animal rights. This is entangled with human rights and climate action.

Taking It To The Streets

Through 2022 our campaign " Taking It To The Streets" saw SRI in Dublin - the Dept of Justice, asking the Minister to consider the case for declaring animals Sentient Beings. Out reach on Grafton St, College Green, Roscommon Town, Shop St Galway. Demos at TCD - the abomination that is live animal testing - Ireland is the torture capital of Europe, the biotech companies in conjunction with 3rd level colleges are out of control, especially TCD.

Demos against greyhound racing

We also did demos outside Galway Dog Track where dogs are raced to death. We also demoed at the Green Party Convention in Athlone, it's impossible to be a climate activist and not be Vegan. Many of our members collaborated with other grassroots groups during the year. In addition, our e-office generate a lot of off-social media activity reaching out to groups and individuals at a local, national and international level, both inside and outside the animal complex.

The Animal Rights Road Campaign

2023 finds SRI back in action again. The overall campaign name is The Animal Rights Road Campaign - Countrywide. We have already visited Tallaght, Cork, Swords and Carrick-on-Shannon.

Spreading Awareness

We stay busy - spreading awareness for the urgent need for Animal-Rights. While we appreciate admiration, we would surely prefer emulation from all groups and individuals inside and outside the animal complex. Stay strong, stay active, stay positive and be kind.


Event Calendar

  • 3/26/2023-12:0
  • 3/26/2023-17:0
  • The Western Hotel, 33 Prospect Hill, Galway.
  • Irish Vegan Gala present Gala 23 in the Western Hotel, Galway, Ireland on Sunday 26th March, 2023 - showcasing local vegan businesses in food, fresh and prepared, a wide range of produce in personal care, make up, gift ideas, book signings, talks on health, animal rights, food science, climat, outreach and all things vegan. This is a first opportunity of 2023 to meet up with other vegans, non-vegans are more then welcome too in a friendly and relaxed setting in the heart of Galway City. children welcome, this is a family friendly event. So book your ticket today - before they're all gone!
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