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Part 1: Name of Political Party, Established & Registration 

NAME OF THE POLITICAL PARTY: Sentient Rights Ireland 

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Sentient Rights Ireland








Sentient Rights Ireland


Denis Nealis

HQ address: Sentient Rights Ireland, 166 Sli Gheal, Ballymoonen Road, Knocknacarra, Galway City, H91 RR97.

We also want to make all party documents available in Irish. 

This party constitution is to be enacted with a democratic vote at our 1st Party Convention on 25th September 2021  at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Athlone

Our Registration ‘Open Day’ was on 16th April 2021; 166 Sli Gheal, Ballymoonen Road, Knocknacarra, Galway City, H91 RR97

Date Registered:   

Part 2: Our Principles & Vision 

Our principles.

We advocate for animal rights, human rights and climate justice, fast and fair transition.


Rights-based animal rights is a view that all animals are rights bearers and that their use by humans are rights violations. To say that “animals have rights” is to say that other animals have moral rights and these rights should be codified into law to become legal rights, which Sentient Rights Ireland is dedicated to achieve.

We call on all animals to be declared Sentient Beings and an Animal Rights Charter to be outlined and cultural speciesism to come to an end,


Human Rights are the cornerstone of humanity. They belong to us all simply because we are human. They are in place to protect us from injustice and to ensure our dignity as living beings is guaranteed. Sadly, violations of these rights occur often effecting already vulnerable groups disproportionately. It is vital that everyone who has a voice, uses it to speak up when they see human rights abuse. As we are all stronger together. Sentient Rights Ireland will advocate for equality and social inclusion with your help.


We support a fast and fair transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy with green back up storage, a fully revamped grid where green energy can be sold back to the grid. We call for new renewable energy projects to be fast tracked to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis and the imperative of zero emissions by 2050 the latest.

We support a fully sustainable countryside with rewilding space created by the transition from animal farming to other land uses. We will fund community energy projects and set up a body to facilitate animal farmers transition to other land uses.

Sentient Rights Ireland look forward to a plant-based society, sustainable, Veganic and regenerative, when for the first time Ireland will be self-sufficient in food and energy and be in a position to become an exporter of both.

We foresee a society where people are happy, healthy and able to express their moral agency and regard animals with respect and afford them their Animal-Rights and have regard for biodiversity and respect for nature in all development decisions.

Our vision. To encourage a world where all animals are respected and treated as sentient beings, with Rights in law that secure their ability to live a life free from exploitation and abuse, where Animals have rights and speciesism, that is, discrimination against all animals is ended

Part 3: Our Party

Sentient Rights Ireland; seeks to become a member of the Animal Politics Foundation, which was founded in 2012, by the Party for the Animals (Netherlands), and to work with other animal parties & NGOs around the world.  

On a European level we are to be part of the same grouping as Party for the Animals.

Part 4: Party Organisation

4.1      SRI  party will have an executive committee to be elected or re-elected at our AGM/Party Convention, for the period of 2 years, which can be extended by a maximum of 2 terms for each office: Party Leader, Cathaoirleach, Party Treasurer, Party Secretary; Media Officer, Environmental Officer

4.2.   SRI Executive will assist with any disagreements within the party. The moderation will be non judgemental and fair.

4.2       Press releases will be verified with the executive beforehand.


Part 5: Party Membership

5.1       Membership is open to everyone aged 18 or over.  

5.2       Membership is open to everyone who agrees with the vision and policies of the party.

5.3       All membership data will be kept confidential and we will adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

5.4      Membership  fee  is  €15.  For unwaged, students, pensioners, membership fee is €10. 

5.5.      Members can make an annual payment by direct debit, electronic transfer of funds to our bank account, PayPal, cash, or cheque or draft (payment will be taken annually unless the membership is cancelled.

5.6      Members may resign their membership at any time, but refunds will not be given. Their data will then be deleted.      

5.7    We will adhere to (SIPO) Standards in Public Office Commission legislation for donations to local constituency groups.  

5.8     SRI will draft a document on large and corporate donations, small companies and individuals who accept the rights of animals. SRI will accept donations up to a maximum of €500 on top of the membership fee.

5.10     SRI Membership may be ceased/suspended if the member is in breach of this constitution or if they act against the principles of the party. 

5.11  SRI Members whose membership is suspended can appeal within two weeks of the notice given by the party executive to the members.

Part 6: Elections for public office

6.1      Sentient Rights Ireland will  participate in all elections in Ireland:,   Local,  General Elections (Dáil, and Seanad Éireann).  

6.2       Any potential SRI candidate will be have a background check beforehand.

6.3       Candidates will be required to act in accordance with the SRI Constitution and Manifesto. 

6.4       Each SRI  candidate is encouraged to draft their own election manifesto, flyer, website, etc, but should be in line with the documents of the party as mentioned above.

6.5       A Local Election candidate on local level needs to be nominated by at least 2 members, of which one can be the candidate her / himself. Where there is more than one local election candidate for the same municipal LEA., SRI will hold primaries at a selection convention in the local area.   

6.6       A General Election & European Election candidate needs to be nominated by at least 10 members, of which one can be the candidate. 

6.7   If 10 members cannot be reached in a general election constituency, the constituency group may decide this via a selection convention. Where there is more than one candidate for the same general election area, primaries will follow. 

Part 7: Public Elected Representatives

7.1       SRI members who are elected, can form associations with Councillors within the party or with like-minded Independents, or Councillors of other parties.

7.1.1    If an elected SRI member decides to resign, the local constituency group will co-opt a new Councillor.  

Part 8: Party Finances

8.1       The Party Treasurer will present an annual financial report at the AGM.

8.2       All financial dealings will be dealt with in an accountable and transparent way.

8.3       An election candidate may begin a GoFundMe / Crowdfunding, campaign, but the candidate has to adhere to the SIPO guidelines/and or guidelines of the returning officer.

Part 9: Party Convention/AGM

9.1       An AGM shall be held at least once every two years.

9.2      Electronic  invitations will be made a month in advance of an AGM, through our website, email  and  social media.

9.3       The AGM will be chaired by the SRI Cathaoirleach or another executive in the case of his/her absence.

9.4    The Cathaoirleach and Secretary will issue an agenda for every AGM, which will be sent to all members at least two weeks in advance, electronically.  

9.5       Only SRI Members may submit motions and amendments, which must be submitted to the  Secretary two  weeks before the AGM.   Emergency motions and amendments may be made.

9.6    Any member who wishes to speak on a motion or amendment, in favour / against, or to leave a  comment or a comment on behalf of her or his constituency, needs to notify the party secretary at least 48 hours before each meeting in writing, or by email. All members will receive a confirmation about their assigned position and speaking time, so they can prepare themselves.   

9.7    An EGM, Extraordinary General Meeting, can be called by an Executive Member (if approved by at least 50%  of fully paid up SRI Members) this must be hand written and sent to the Party HeadQuarters.

Part 10: Social Media & Website

10.2     Social media hubs will be set up, as well as an Sentient Rights Ireland website.

Part 11: Policy Making

11.1     Policy groups shall be put in place to formulate policies for sectors such as:   Animal Rights; Climate Crisis, Environment etc.

11.2     A Policy Group Convenor can also submit policies directly to the Party Convention. A policy group convenor is a person who brings together people within a particular topic and acts as a coordinator to gather all materials in one policy document.

11.3     All SRI members are encouraged to submit policy ideas. All members will receive an acknowledgment of their communication, and all communications will be kept confidential. 

Part 12: Operative Date

This will be within the first few days of December 2021

Once adopted the Sentient Rights Ireland  Constitution can only be changed by a (special) Party Convention via a two thirds majority, or (in an emergency) by a democratic members internal referendum, which can  be organised through the executive, in equal conjunction with all executives / constituencies.