Sentient Rights Ireland
Speaking truth to power.

Climate & Envirnoment

We support a fast and fair transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy with green back up storage, a fully revamped grid where green energy can be sold back to the grid. We call for new renewable energy projects to be fast tracked to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis and the imperative of zero emissions by 2050 the latest.

We support a fully sustainable countryside with rewilding space created by the transition from animal farming to other land uses. We will fund community energy projects and set up a body to facilitate animal farmers transition to other land uses.

Sentient Rights Ireland look forward to a plant-based society, sustainable, Veganic and regenerative, when for the first time Ireland will be self-sufficient in food and energy and be in a position to become an exporter of both.

We foresee a society where people are happy, healthy and able to express their moral agency and regard animals with respect and afford them their Animal-Rights and have regard for biodiversity and respect for nature in all development decisions.