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Sentient Rights Ireland


We are a group of like-minded individuals who have formed a Political Party to advocate for Animals Rights, farmed, wild, domestic, caged, exploited. For Human Rights, equality and civil liberties and The Environment.

We will contest local, national and European elections to bring about changes in the law to guarantee animal rights as all animals carry within themselves Moral Rights and it is our duty to match their moral rights with animal rights in law, to live a best life, without being used, abused and exploited by humans.

and have animal sentience both fully acknowledged and upheld. We reject speciesism and condemn all forms of animal abuse, torture, exploitation and slaughter.  

We will cooperate with other groups and individuals at local, national and international level to bring about animal rights and secure a world where animals are enabled to live a best life in peace and free from interference. 

We will carry out our campaigns in a spirit of respect for each other, the environment and by peaceful means. 

We welcome all and any to join us in achieving our aims.

National Animal Rights Association

Animal Liberation
in Ireland

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Working with farmers to enhance the natural health of the countryside

Farming For Nature

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The Roots of Global
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Campaigning for a world
where human rights are
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Speaking Truth to Power

Animal Rights
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Rights-based animal rights is a view that all animals are rights bearers and that their use by humans are rights violations. To say that “animals have rights” is to say that other animals have moral rights and these rights should be codified into law to become legal rights, which Sentient Rights Ireland is dedicated to achieve.

Human Rights
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Human Rights are the cornerstone of humanity. They belong to us all simply because we are human. Sadly, violations of these rights occur often effecting already vulnerable groups. Sentient Rights Ireland will advocate for equality and social inclusion with your help.

Environmental Rights
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We support a fast and fair transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy with green back up storage, a fully revamped grid where green energy can be sold back to the grid. We call for new renewable energy projects to be fast tracked to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis and the imperative of zero emissions by 2050 the latest.